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A card reading is a way to look at your life from a birds eye view.


While the earliest written record of Divianation is from Rome; around 1st-century-bc. Further back in history; around the world the spiritual leaders would read signs/omens through nature. While the origin of Tarot began as playing cards in "Italy around 1430s." David Parlett. (


The word Oracle comes from the ancestors of Greece, such as The Oracle of Delphi. Oracle, simply put is/was a person who could predict the future. Origins of Oracle cards are still being discovered. Many believe the first deck was "The Burning Serpent Deck,' published in 1775." Jean Linder, (

The Genesis of my skill set.

My first deck was "Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle" by Dorine Virtune, Art by various artists. My go to Tarot Deck is "Tales of The Mystical Cats" by Lunaea Weatherstone Art By Mickie Muller. With my cards, I work with your Guides, Gardians, Ancestors and Deceased loved ones (Your Team). When cards jump or flip those are messages that need special attention. With a wide range of card spreads I adapt my style to you and your team.

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