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Shamanic Practice;
My Shamanic path is helping people connect to their Ancestors, Higher Self, Guides, Nature, and their flow of Iife. Bringing balance joy and healing to Spaces, Places and People through Drumming, Maracas, Energetic work and Smudging.

Wicca (The Wise Ones);
Helping Baby Witches learn/find their Craft and themselves. Teaching the basics and foundations of the Craft as a tool used to build confidence. My goal is to encourage people to follow intuition and the humbleness to keep learning. Wisdom does not always have to be hard sought.

My Cartomancy styles are Oracle, Tarot, and Shamanism inspired card Decks. Other styles include, (Clairsentience "clear feeling")Energy reading, Smoke signals, Cloud reading, Ceromany (Candle reading) and Scrying.   

Energy Clearing;
Clients are grounded and guided through meditation to help them get back on their personal path. Light/Elemental energy is channeled through the body, Chakra points, Auracifield, Emotional and Mental body.

Through Drumming or Rattles you'll travel to the Lower World to meet your Spirit Guides and or Power Animals. You'll travel to the Upper world to meet your Teacher. Sacred space is a protective space where you can meet with Ancestors, Decested loved who's interest is your Highest Good or the Divine in what form is natural for you.

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