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Shamanic Journeying


Drumming. Psychoacoustics "the branch of psychology concerned with the perception of sound and its physiological effects." The Oxford English Dictionary. These frequencies help one to connect alterstates of awareness and travel three planes in the spirit realm. Shamanic Practitioners lead clients and students on their journey and Back.

Lower World.

This is the plane where you meets your spirit guides a help spirit similar to an and on your shoulder who also lends you protection. These guides have many roles and lengths of times they spend in your life. Power Animals are just that. They are advisors, extentions of your personal power. Both are spirits that lend themselves to us even if were not aware similar to ancestors and angels.

Upper world.

This plane you will meet your teacher. Similar to the heavanly realm teachers are benevolent spirits who usualy present themselfs as human spirits. The spirits lend their wisdome and or knowledge of different events in ones life.

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