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Lavender Rose Quartz

Lavender Rose Quartz (is like a fusion of Rose Quartz and Amethyst):

Lavender Rose Quartz (LRQ). Is a part of the silicone family. LRQ is a high vibration crystal that can ground you in loving energy while filling up your aura with the energy of love and the purple earth(Amethyst). LRQ is not my first choice for protection from psychic attack or spirit attachments; however to protect a love that is blossoming and or established, LRQ is a good protection Crystal when paired with hematite (Crystallized Iron).

Pertaining to the Chakras:

LRQ is great to work with all Chakras.

Crown(opening you up to great spirit, the universe, and or oneness with everything).

Third eye, (not only boosting your gifts, but making the experience more gentle for beginners),

Throat, (helping you to speak your truth more freely and encouraging more compassion and loving communication).

Heart,(reminding you that love is a power not a vulnerability).

Solar Plexus,(self love of Rose Quartz, confidence of Amethyst).

Sacral, (helping you embrace love making[not just frivolous intimacy], boosting personal power through sexual security. Also a great healing stone for survivors of sexual assault. [Survivors seek medical and or spiritual support when your ready to talk about it. You don't have to be ashamed nor blame yourself.])

Root. (Grounded in loving energy, [In-vision your feet being planted in dirt or sand that is pinkish/purple; feel your feet soaking up the gentle energy and see that light fill up your entire body, flooding out into your aura and creating a egg that extends around your whole being.] Imagine that the energy is connecting you to the loving energy of the earth, your ancestors guides and guardians.]

this crystal is safe to submerge in water, you intend to make an elixir clean it first then use it. "This information is for spiritual support and no replacement of medical sciences."

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