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Energy Work

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Energy Clearing

Heres what I work on during a Energy Clearing;


Many people are aware of their auraic (electromagnetic) field around the body. Energy is, vibrating Protons, Electrons, Neurons and smaller particals. Staring with a individual magnetic field, combined with ones electical impules creates the Aura (Electromagnetic F, EMF).

Chakra System.

Thanks to Hinduism, humans have learned about the Chakra System. This system consist of 114 Energy Centers or (Wheels) on the body and in the Auraic Field. ( Many Practioners of the holic healing community work on 7 to 12 of the Chakra point.


A bundle or tortch of white sage is run through the Autaicfield and Chakra points for the energetic assement. Next an explanation of the energetic bodies; how they are affected and affect the idividual will be made. Clients are guided through meditation. Light/Elemental energy is channled through the body, Auracifield and 9 Chakra Points. Clients are then grounded and guided back to their persal paths.

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