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Shamanic & Divination Practitioner

Frank was raised with the knowledge and reverence for nature the spirit realm. A natural born empath (Clairsentience) able to feel the energetic pulse and emotions of plants and animals. The genesis of his devianation began by reading signs in nature. At age 4 he became more aware of the energies of stones and the earth. By age 8 he was initiated into Shamanism. At age 10 he began his decade plus Martial Arts (Akido, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Shotokan Training/Teaching Assistant under Patrick Premdos. Age 16 he was recognized by his spiritual advisor and Martial Arts senior / mentor Marlem Thomas. By age 19 he was recognized by Shamanic Practitioner & teacher, Eileen O'Hare (https://eileenohare.com/). Age 23 he was initiated in Wicca (Gerald Gardners). At age 29 he was granted the blessings of his teachers and mentors to share his gifts and talent on the wider scale. In 2010 Frank began to use Divination (Cartomancy) as tool to help him navigate life. His Styles of Divination are Oracle/Tarot cards, Energy/Crystals, Smoke signals/Clouds and Scrying. After 10 years of reading himself, family, close friends and extraordinary humans he's met in his travels. Frank is now ready to share his journey and interpretation of energetic truth. His greatest teachers have been the spirits, life and the people he has met along the way. 



"Welcome to my Love" Rachelle Ferrell

Shamanic Practice;
My goal is to help people connet to their Ancestors, Higher Self, Guides, Nature, and the flow of their Iife. To help bring balace, joy and healing to Spaces, Places and People through drumming, Maracas, and Smudging.

Wicca (The wise ones);
Helping Baby Withches learn/find their craft and themselves. Teaching the basics and foundations of the Craft as a tool used to build confidence. My goal is to encourage people to follow their intuition and to keep learning. Wisdome doesnt always have to be hard saught.

Healing practices;
Divination, Cartomancy (Card Readinds), Smoke Signals, Energy Reading/Clearing, and Journeying. For more details pleace visit each service page.


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Come visit The Healing Bar for a session.

Tue - Fri: 12pm - 7pm
Sat: 12am - 6pm
Sun -Mon: Closed


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Frank D. Dyer II, Shamanic & Divination Practitioner, Healer and Teacher.

The Healing Bar, 501 12th St, West Columbia, SC 29169

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